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I am a seasoned cashier. (30 years) I worked part time while I was attending school after 35 years.

All cashiers are liable for their on till (money). We count when we come to work and when shift is over. I balanced to the penny 97% of the time. I had three different shortages of $10 (which I paid back out of my own pocket).

The only time I was off was with one particular asst. mgr. I made an accusation against this woman, as I believed she was pocketing the money when she was alone in the office. Nothing came from my complaint, as this young woman is a favorite, although she wrote me up three times.

Dollar Tree is a chicken@#^$ when it comes to loyalty for GOOD cashiers.

I was seriously hurt in my home, and was told to take the next week off to heal. When the next week came, I was not on the schedule and had been written off. I have requested my employee records, but nothing has come to me. I also was denied my W-2 for two years.

the only way I could get my tax info was to PAY for it!!!

They also do not cooperate with unemployment agency.

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