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Eastland Plaza

Dollar Tree #37

Fremont St, Stockton CA

Employee: Valerie

I have a detailed complaint and I expect a response. I was in line with about 200 items (came to $207). Two customers came up behind me and I let them go in front of me, as anyone would. When the second person, a disheveled, loud, and rude man who had kept addressing my 11 year old foster child in the store, approached Valerie, she looked at me and told me, You move to another line, Im closing.

I replied, You should close after you check me out, you dont leave someone waiting in your line this long and then tell them to move.

She said to the man, Some people cant handle it,not sure what she meant by that.

I said, You might want to check your rules or with corporate, you dont do that to people who are in your line. And I moved to the next line. She kept talking crap about me to the guy in line and he was answering loud, agreeing with her. She said to me, You people just all keep lining up in one long line.

First off, the whole area by the cashiers is a mess and people arent sure where to go. Secondly, I was the last person in her line. I said, I dont know who you are calling you people but I didnt do anything like that, I let people in front of me. She made more comments to the guy she was checking out about People are rude, he said something like, she has problems.

I said, You, lady, better stop talking about me here in this store with your complaining, Im already contacting your corporate. She said, Well she wants to get her dollars worth! That is a direct quoteher bashing the store and me. No, dummy, I was there getting my $200+ worth. Shes not cute, not professional and disgusting. She was sloppy, her hair was a mess and she was nastystill talking about me, a customer in line with my mouth shut, making me more uncomfortable. Then, security came over.because she was talking loud. I didnt say another damn thing to her.

Super sweet, she says to this man with his shirt half off, smelling like vomit, Thank you so much, you have a nice day. And she went into the office.

As I waited in line again, people started lining up behind me. When I left, there were 23 people in the line, down the aisle. If she had waiting on me, at least half of them could have been served in a timely manner. Instead, in all her arrogance and ignorance of how to manage a store, she left all those people for one young cashier. There I was with two baskets. And the store full of people waiting in line. Yes, I counted. First 17, then 23 when I left. Very few people were there in pairs.

As I had to carry out three-four bags at a time since there is no cart to use that can be taken outside for large orders, I met a guy as I walked back in and he said, line too long Im leaving. I told him why the line was long. After 3 trips as my foster daughter watched the filled carts of bags inside, she came out of the office with another employee. Someone asked, Are you going to open up another line? The employee said, Pretty soon. Then he left the store. She said it was a shift change, but nobody took his place. Then, she opened a line, when I was coming in again and asked for the next customer. Shame on her for treating me like garbage. Im a teacher, with a masters degree, and a non-profit I serve homeless and refugees in Tijuana, MX. I spent tons of money on hygiene products each month to take to refugee shelters and help my community here in Stockton. And I buy them, and the socks and baby bottles, and ladys padsat the Dollar Tree. I was so well-known in my Dollar Tree in Brentwood, CA, that cashiers would donate clothes, shoes, and other items to my organization.

But, I was there having a fun time shopping for party supplies for a child turning 12 in 2 weeks who never had a birthday party in her lifeand this *** ruined her experience. This nasty, selfish, unprofessional, under trained person, who could not or did not want to assess the situation in her store and do the common sense and common practice of closing her line AFTER the last person. She had ONE person to check out, and she chose to inconvenience over 20 customers instead.

Leaving that young girl all alone to do all that work was abusive. She is a bad leader, a bad manager for doing that. Her name is Valerie. The girl was left in charge of the store, a customer who could have been angry, although I was reasonable and not blaming anyone but Valerie. People behind me said, What an *** And they were not referring to me!

I know at this time, it is hard to find employees, but you shouldnt have someone as racist and full of her own importance in charge of that store. She should be re-trained at the very least. This little girl had to see her act like a fool, then talk bad about her new foster momsomeone who is adopting an abandoned, damaged, pre-teen.

So, she may label her customers, as You people! with contempt. And not be afraid to say it loud to everyone in the front of the store, but this time, it was someone who isnt on assistance, who isnt swearing and volatile, I was speaking to her rationally about what she should do, instead of what she was doing. She chose to bad-mouth me to another customer, go in the office for a considerable amount of time, having pulled another cashier, so it was down to one line.

The clock shouldnt determine her choices, how about some strategies that are worthy of an advanced employee? I dont leave work until my work is done, and that amounts to anywhere from 10-20 extra hours sometimes. Because I have a work ethic. This foul person, does not.

Kathleen Magaña M.Ed.


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User's recommendation: Go to 99cent store instead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Dollar Tree Stores Pros: Party products.

Dollar Tree Stores Cons: Customer service, Catastrophic customer care from cashier, Filthy store conditiond.

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