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On Tuesday I went to the store on Linton in Delray Beach looking for certain items for the kids for school ask questions for health and for the items that I want it and I was told go look in the back I then asked for a manager to see if I can get help when the manager finally came to the front she said how can I help you I said to her Im looking for certain items for school for the kids can you help me she says to me oh what are you looking for I said to her Im looking for items out of the teachers corner she said well I dont know if I have what youre looking for didnt want to take the time to help me she was too busy on the floor boxes everywhere as if she was too busy to help me so I walked away and she mumbled something up on the Neath her breaths I ask him what did she say she said Im not talking to you very rude very unprofessional and she walked away with an attitude and her name was Ruth I spend money and dollar tree and I should not be treated that way no customer I will not shop at the store again

Preferred solution: Apology.

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Sounds to me like you were impatient and could not wait your turn. Also you are a teacher?

You barely know how to type in proper English and you teach children. No wonder the education system is what it is.

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