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I visited the store x3 this week, each time the lines were way too long. The line was to the end of the store.

By that time consumers were making two lines. Keep in mind only one cashier. I could see customers were getting irritable, shopping baskets in one hand while holding their children in their other arms. Never have enough shopping carts.

I think the store has only 4 or 5 shopping carts. By this time I was frustrated. I ask to talk to the cashier's supervisor. She replied she is sitting in her office.

I knocked on the window. She came out, I let her know that you only have one cashier and the costumers are now forming 2 lines. NOT ENOUGH ROOM TO PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING SIX FEET APART. I also let her know you have one cashier on the register, and she is also having to blow balloons for the customers.

The supervisor informed me that there would be another person coming in to help and closed the door. I felt the supervisor should have gone out to help the cashier.

The least she could have done was to help blow the balloons, even better open up the other register. Explained to the supervisor they should get more help especially since the holidays are coming.I like to shop locally it helps the community but there are other places to shop as well in other towns nearby.

User's recommendation: Have more than 1 register open at all times. The cashier should call for help when need. Communicate with her supervisior and ask him/her for help when the lines are getting to long. Have more shopping carts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Cashier.

Dollar Tree Stores Pros: Having dollar tree store in my home town, Prices are one dollar.

Location: 3380 Floral Avenue, Selma, CA 93662

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This seems to be a common thing at all Dollar Tree's. It seems to be a way to save money. I see it a lot and an at multiple Dollar Tree's.


I find it funny that out of all the people in line, including small children that you are one who was acting like a child.

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