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I'm the consumer that purchased your dollar tree/greenbrier product,I'm contacting you because it has caused me great suffering and the loss of my health by damaging my organs and causing my terminal multiple myeloma-plasma bone marrow cancer,and altered my chromosomes,metabolic immune system and poisoned my blood,this assured tussin DM should've been recalled immediately after it was tested positive with these contaminants I'm about to mention below,I don't understand how your business can recall toys,candles ect.but you and the FDA refused to hear me out about your assured toxic cough syrup that's causing my fatal manifestations with the oily petroleum bitumen esters of pure chemical lab agent ethanoic acid also called methane carboxylic acid and its esters of isopropanol,ethyl,methanol,acetone all of which contained trace heavy metals arsenic,lead,mercury which are naturally in these biochemical elements used to make fuel,antifreeze ect.this pure acetic acid glacial - other name ethanoic acid is in my urine,the arsenic,lead ,mercury are in my blood stream and I just had a volatile chemical toxicology screen for my blood it came back positive for isopropanol,methanol,ethyl,acetone. It's such a shame that you refuse to be liable for your product as well as biopharm inc.the manufacturer in Levittown ,PA who was pinpointed the source and point of origin for this biochemical crime,in which the FDA forensic chemistry crime centers analyst tested it positive and the lab director signed off on the case evidence report and deemed this assured cough syrup intentionally tampered with and poisoned,then handed the case over to an FDA agent McKenna who threatened my life if I didn't cooperate with him,when he demanded me to shut up and stop contacting you and biopharm inc.

for compensation and to cease contacting government officials about this federal offense of biochemical crime,this agent McKenna told me he wasn't going to investigate biopharm inc.because he was protecting them and their prestigious reputation !

I want who ever inside biopharm inc. to face imprisonment and due unlawful business practices and be fined,I'm placing pictures of this defected assured cough syrup.

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Lancaster, Ohio, United States #1241621

Well you do know dollar tree doesn't make the stuff right? You should have notified the place that made it.. Just saying.

to Anonymous Plainfield, Indiana, United States #1271717

I did notify the company that the FDA told me this product was intentionally and deliberately tampered and poisoned with chemicals and they also told me that the FDA office of criminal investigators and police went into bio-pharm inc the manufacturer for what they called this a serious federal crime committed by someone inside!

to Anonymous Plainfield, Indiana, United States #1271721

You are absolutely right,the person at bio-pharm inc who the FDA says did this intentionally needs to be in poisoned,I need to know who this person is !

Buffalo, New York, United States #1148243

It also apparently causes run-on sentences.

How much of this cough syrup have you ingested? Not that it can actually give you cancer, as it's mostly sugar water anyway if you bought it off the shelf.

I mean seriously, dollar store cough syrup? There's more drugs in your municipal drinking water, and hey there's a though - try having that analyzed.

to peeps Plainfield, Indiana, United States #1268453

it's acid ***,cough syrup doesn't boil and produce fumes ,you *** !

to Anonymous Plainfield, Indiana, United States #1271713

*** I'm telling you it wasn't cough syrup dummy !


I'm sorry, but you're clearly mentally ill for thinking that this caused your cancer. Obviously, what's happening is that you're filled with helplessness over your medical condition and want someone to blame over it. Rather than lash out at a random company, try to get some kind of mental health counseling to help you cope with the fact that you have cancer.

to Anonymous Plainfield, Indiana, United States #1271716

And your mentally ill in thinking no one ever poisoned cough syrup ever on earth ! By the way are you a dollar tree or bio pharm inc wise geek?


all of those same ailments happened to me too! 3 times!

The 1st time it was from the laundry detergent that they sell.

The 2nd time it was from some party balloons.

And the 3rd time it was just walking around browsing.

I know it was the fluorescent lights that they use.

It mutated my DNA so bad I have begun to grow a little tail.

Oh, and my nose grew longer too; just like Pinocchio. I'll bet your nose is really long like Pinocchio's too, huh?


cannot alter chromosomes to that extent without full on fatal cancer dipshit

to Anonymous Plainfield, Indiana, United States #1271725

Carcinogenic chemicals especially liquid neon and fluorine and hydrofluoric acid does damage chromosomes blood cells bone marrow,this was a very concentrated radio active uv fluorescent chemical compound,you demented *** !

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