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I didn't even know if I should bother with this because I doubt they are even addressed but felt it important to let people know. I was shopping at dollar tree in Union Township New Castle Pa.

I was in an aisle with two people who I assume were supposed to be stocking. Because there was a big cart there piled with stuff Instead they were watching something on a phone and making disgusting comments about " women's *** and tits" then when I went to reach something the one squeezed between me and the cart and rubbed my butt he said he was sorry but was snickering while he said it the other guy was snickering to and when I walked away they fist bumped each other. I was going to say something at the store but when I asked the cashier who he was she told me he was a manager so I didn't even try .

I don't know if you are aware of the perverts you have working for you or don't care but I won't be back to your store again which is a shame because everyone else is so nice and I love the store. I am also warning all my female friends about what kind of men work there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wait a min?!? Men acting like rutting beasts??

They would never!! Ok all sarcasm aside, not unheard of and expected. If someone touches you in a way you feel uncomfortable with them by all rights call them on it. But!!

Pause for a moment and make sure you’re not reading more into the actions because you heard a sexual reference. Remember the accusations once made even if not true will in this day and age destroy a life. Men have found ways to have a prolonged contact with females that have innocent beginnings. Brushing up close.

Squeezing in beside. All perfectly rational actions. All with perfectly rational excuses. It’s in the intent.

So while one male will intentionally rub against you with the idea of getting something out of it. Another male is just trying to move past or get something from behind you.

I am not saying that if they did indeed rub against you in a inappropriate manner they shouldn’t be reprimanded. I am saying that you should be 100% sure before taking action.

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