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On 12/14/16 at around 2:00 pm , I shopped at the Dollar tree store in our area in Seal Beach . I like to shop at this store #5023 .

I was surprised when I checked out . The saleslady overcharged me dollar per tape. I told her that was 3 for a dollar on the sale box . She did not believed me .

I can read .I'm a teacher . I don't want these tapes .She just gave it to another sales lady . I was furious with her attitude . The manager should tell the employees to whatever the sales are in the store .

Some are not dollar like same of the can products . Georgianna ,the sales lady, did not try her best to look for the big box with sales . I was so frustrated . My elderly neighbor requested me to buy her those tapes on sale for 3 for a dollar which she saw at the Dollar store .

She was mad at the sales lady's not familiar with the sale and just ignoring what I told her . WHERE IS CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT ? Both the manager and Georgianna are forgetting this rule .

Extremely frustrated customer Mrs. Lisa Dickson

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: I don.

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Wayne County, North Carolina, United States #1256658

You make a sentence "she did not believed me" and you claim to be a teacher. As a parent I hope you are not a teacher in my state.

Not that it matters anymore since my daughter is now 17 and in her last year of high school. Chances are a customer picked up a more expensive tape, and put it in the three dollar section changing their mind. No one suggested that you are unable to read and I have yet to see how rude they were to you. Yeah they refused to allow the sale, but where were they rude?

Unless they specifically asked you "can't you read" they were not rude to you. The saying the customer is always right is outdated. My daughter used to work at Walmart before they fired her and customers like you who thought they could treat retail workers badly made her cry. Imagine one of your students working in the store.

If another customer left the tapes in the three for one dollar section than you are not right. Please don't tell me you are teaching in my state because as a teacher you should be teaching our kids proper grammar and the statement "she did not believed me" is not proper grammar.

Hope you are not an English teacher. Sorry to be harsh but when my daughter used to work in retail she used to come home crying because of customers like you.

to tammy2753O Markham, Ontario, Canada #1256667

No I am not a teacher in your state. Your daughter's working at Walmart has nothing to do with this.

If she came home crying than perhaps she should not be working in retail. So I made one mistake. My students would not be working at the store since I teach fourth and fifth grade. As or your concern of my improper English, the instructions of proper grammar are written in the book so it does not matter.

The point is my elderly neighbor started yelling at me because I refused to buy the tape for her with MY money. Yeah maybe someone put the tape in the wrong section but I thought it was three for a dollar even thought it was marked $1. The tape in the $1 for one was non Christmas tape and the tape for $1 was Christmas tape. I have written a note to all the parents emailed them forbidding them to shop at Dollar Tree, and if I found out they did I would not mark their child's assignments if they bought their materials for my class from Dollar Tree.

One parent is complaining to the principal that I have no right to do this and he refuses to back me up. It does not matter if the customer put it there the fact is the customer is always right. My neighbor said that I should have just paid the dollar per tape since I was the one that misunderstood.

She returned to the store and found out only three of the tapes were in that three for a dollar section and the rest were $1 each. My elderly neighbor who is 72 had to go to the store herself because they refused to honor the deal just because another customer accidentally left the tapes in the wrong place.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1259785

U have no right to tell parents where to shop. I hope someone kicks ur behind . I hope you get ur teaching license revoked and u get a life.

to Anonymous Clinton Township, Michigan, United States #1307381

Jesus, you're a terrible person and no, the customer is NOT always right.

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