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Me and my cousin went to buy a couple things and when we went to check out there was a woman with her back turned to us but the other register was the one lite up. So we were confused and she wouldn't answer us when we were asking.

So we walk away, got a couple more things and when we came back she still had her back to us.

So I walked around and she was on her phone, I asked her if she was open. Well she just stared at me and then snapped "well I'm standing here ain't I"

So I explained that we're been standing here a while and the other register is lite. She said she couldn't hear us because her back was to us. I told her that was kind of the problem.

Well she got mad and took my items and threw them back at me and said she wasn't going to put up with this attitude and then just stared me down so I stared back at her for a good solid minute before she started ringing up my items.

She then proceeded to turn her back to me ONCE again on her phone.

Didn't tell me my price or anything.

So after I paid I realized that she just wasnt gonna give me my receipt so I got my bag and left. At this point I'll admit I was having an attitude but she then started yelling at us as we were leaving that I needed to check myself and to not come back with that attitude.

Her name was latonya I believe and I REALLY don't appreciate being talked too like that.

User's recommendation: I would appreciate it if I didn't have to ask someone to do their job.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Dollar Tree Stores Pros: Inexpensive, Great stuff.

Dollar Tree Stores Cons: Worse customer service.

Location: 2957 Bienville Boulevard, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

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If she apologizes to you, then you need to apologize to her

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