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Hello there is still a problem that I never got a chance to speak to someone about. I went to one of your dollar tree store the cashiers had no customer service.

It's like they don't even want the job they were doing. I was standing in line. One of the cashier had there number light off. But I asked anyway.

Excuse me is your line still open? He completely ignored me. So I got in the other line. When he was done talking to the last customer he was with he then came around and said I can help the next customer.

Not things point I was just going to leave everything. But I had a long day and no other dollar tree store had the items I wanted. The cashier that I checked out with just didnt want to be there. No greeting of any kind.

I will not be going back to that dollar tree.

Nor will I refer anyone I know to that dollar tree. Thank you for your time.

User's recommendation: Don't go to the dollar tree on imperial and Crenshaw by big 5, superior market etc.. customer service is terrible.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Little kid, it is not that she did not want to be there. Here is what I think happened.

1. She thought you were waiting for a parent to buy your stuff.

2. She was getting her register ready and was not ready yet.

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