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TOa homeless man was out in the parking lot running behined cars and lchasing people coming out of the store next door called Hobby Lobby. they had four policemen cars out there and they had him under controlled at that moment.

they got the mentally ill man to clam down then, they also called the Paramedics the man had clamed down completey and was no where near the door at Dollar Tree. at the time the Police had him surrounded and then they got the man to leave the parking, one of the Police officers even went up to the Dollar Tree door and told her it was ok to let people in the store and that she did not have to have all Dollar Tree Customers standing out side like she was doing it was me and about 8 other customers out side standing there to get into the store!! then the Police Officer came up to the store manger aging and told her now she was doing it out of Spite because we where all complaining to her and she was mad because on one liked the fact that she was treating us like we were the Problem. we had nothing to do with what was going on with that man in the parking lot at that time!!

so everything that the store Assistant Manger was telling the Head Manger that's over that store was a Lie she could have let us into the store! and hour ago I my self and other people that was standing out there was out there over 45 mins i was out there my self longer then that. i got to dollar tree at 11:15am and when 12:08pm came around i was still standing there with all the police still there. and what i cant understand that she was letting people out the store but not in the store!!

what in the *** kind of since did that make?? then you had another one of your staff employees STANDING!! OUT SIDE!! with us Smoking him a cigarette and drinking him a soda!!

with all the Police still out there! and when he was done they let him right on in what the *** so you telling me that Dollar Tree care more about the safety of you all employees!! then you care about the Customers Safety? that's coming to Spend their hard earn money with Dollar Tree!

and we get Treated Bad like that by your Assistant Manger of that store? i mean really!! the police even told her to let us in and lock the door back behind us since she was un locking the doors anyway to let people out anyway! we all was saying out there if you are locking the store down until what's ever going on outside then you keep it locked down and let the people in the store what's going on and tell them that they will open the door soon as the man was gone!

but that's the thing ! the Man was Gone already!! the Police said they was still there just to make sure he was gone and didn't come back! and your Assistant Manger still had Customers standing outside the store!!

if you go look at Dollar Tree Cameras if they worked at the time that all this was going on. you would see that she didn't have to let us stand out there like that!! so many people was walking up to the door and asking why the store doors not open! i can tell you this your Assistant Manger at that store made Dollar Tree Lose out on money for an Whole Hour!

she did not care for the Safety of us your customers! that was Standing Outside! at that time i mean what if ? there was shooting starting to start you mean to tell me that Dollar Tree Have Trained Their Employees to care about other employees!

it really looked that way to me! because like i said there was another one of Dollar Tree employees a young man standing out there Smoking his cigarette and having his soda until his was Done with his brake! and then they let him right back on in. now for what i now understand that if you lock a store down for what ever reason!

i do know that your Employees don't get to stay outside on a brake! while we the Customers looking at him seeing that he see what we see going on outside! just standing there chillin on his Brake! and they let his *** in?

and leave us standing outside in the Dam HEAT!! are you kidding me? they should made his *** Stay out there to. or made him to go sit in his car or leave and come back when everything that was going on outside was over !

i tell you no lie when the Police saw what the Assistant Manger did by letting him in and left us standing at the door! he walked over to her aging and told her these words Lady Now you are just being Spiteful! to the people out here because they are standing out here Complaining to you! the Dollar Tree store Manger there was Especially Mad at me!

because i was standing up to her telling her that she was Wrong! for Treating us like that. and yes i was loud and i was yelling at her at the door! but when you treat people like the way she treating us!

she was wrong and so very much out of order! she was very very unprofessional about the whole thing! so what she was telling the Head Manger that over that Dollar Tree on College Drive!! she Lied to her Boss that's over her saying that it was still to much going on outside!!

she lie to the Head Man or Woman! because she still had us still standing outside at the door a whole 45 mins after the man was gone and so was the police! i will be posting about Dollar Tree on Facebook ,Instagram, Tweeter! and letting everyone know that Dollar Tree Company Don't Give a Dam!

about us just our money! Trains there Employee's to Act in such a Manner to there Paying Customers! or any Customers! how the Assistant Manger was Treating there other paying customers that was told to stay outside!

until she hears back from her Head Boss! she didn't Call the Head Boss over the Phone! until She saw people and me out there Complaining about her! she Locked them Dam Doors!

before she got the Order from the Head Manger! she was sooooo Dam Rude! telling us she didn't have to let us in at ALL! and that the Dollar Tree Store!

is just like her House! she don't have to let anyone in if she didn't want to! She said that to the Police Officer! in front of all standing outside!

everyone was very PISSED!! with her after she said that! i am telling this to you Dollar Tree Headquarters! if this is how Dollar Tree Train there Assistant Manger's your Store Manger's and your Cashiers and everyone of your Store's Across Baton Rouge, LA and anywhere else !

that Dollar Tree only care about Our Money and Not our Live's or How there Assistant Manger's and Store Manger's Treat Their Paying Customers! how much longer before people stop shopping at any Dollar Tree? because when i am done with Dollar Tree! i am going to make Dam sure!

that your Dollar Tree Employee's over at Dollar Tree on College Dive know! that they Don't Give two Flying *** about the People here in Baton Rouge! coming to there store! to spend their hard earn my like mine!

that Store wont Collect! another Dam DIME!! because they did ever start shooting Dollar Tree Assistant Manger at that Store would all our *** DIE! but the Young Man that work there would live!!

she would let him in to save his life!! after his break of cores! the reason why i am writeing this long long *** Compliant is because what she said to the officer in front of us! 2.

i was the longest person standing out there to get in the dam store! she let the young man in the store after he was standing out there with us seeing what was going on as well! let him in after she let him in after his brake! smoking and drinking soda!

it couldn't have been anything going on out there to bad if she let him right on in!! and this is the WORST Part of all! i saw her Open the Door soon as she saw me Walk Off! and get into my car!!

because she knew i was going to really really tell her about her self because of the way she Treated Us all outside at the door at Dollar Tree!! im going to make dam sure everyone knows about that Hatefull Heartless person that the store Assistant Manger is at that Dollar Tree on College Drive in baton rouge' la ' and when i asked to speak to the hear Manger that's over her she wouldn't even let us! talk to her at all. and when i asked her her name she wouldn't give me her name either!

. Like she said Dollar Tree is like her house and she can let whoever she wants in her store! who in the *** tells paying customers! that!!

i mean if it wasn't for customers like us! She wouldn't have a Dam JOB and no Paycheck! Dollar Tree Wouldn't Collect A Dam DIE!! and that's real that the GOD TRUTH!



Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: 3141 College Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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