checking out, I noticed a lady buying 2 hand sanitizer containers. I told the lady wow where there any more she said yes only one more.

cashier Jenny rang them up.then Jenny had two wipes behind the counter and she said you want these also she said yes. she rang them up. Then some lady came out of no where and she started to ring up her items. I looked at her and said.

I thought I was next. Jenny said well she had to come back for her items. I thought to myself, well maybe she needs to stand back in line. I then had some sanitation wipes, she took them away from me and told I guess her person in charge.

These are not for sale. Then I told her well you sold that lady in front of me 2 hand sanitizers and then you had some wipes behind the counter and you asked her if she wanted them. I think she knew this person. could have been a relative.

I was so upset because she did not sell those to me. I told the lady behind her (boss) that is not fair, that she sold the wipes and hand sanitizer to the other lady. The Boss said to me life is not fair.

I was upset and left the store. sad:(

Preferred solution: Apology.

Dollar Tree Stores Pros: Employees.

Dollar Tree Stores Cons: Most of the people there have attitude problems.

Location: 6750 W Camelback Rd, Glendale, AZ 85303

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