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I live in Selma, Al and the dollar tree here is nothing more than a JOKE...It’s so nasty, never ever stocked you have to shop from the box’s...This dollar tree NEVER has cute nice things like the other’s do...The manager here is lazy and rude...The health dept should close the rest rooms, I don’t think they have ever been cleaned..

Review about: Dollar Tree Stores Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What A Mess!


Never use an apostrophe when forming a plural.

re : the "other's"

correction : the others , plural, non-possessive

Advice : either tell us the punchline of your "JOKE" or stop patronizing the store.

to William #1416736

Congratulations, William! You officially have less of a life than the person reviewing a dollar store. You are the joke.

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