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Store on Washington in Carnegie. Manager and cashier wearing masks that didn't cover noses and when I asked them to please pull up their masks, mgr said, if we do, we can't breathe. Absurdly unacceptable and I am calling the health dept.

User's recommendation: Stay away. Too dangeroud.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You are becoming paranoid about this muzzle issue. Best you read the latest studies concerning the ineffectiveness and outright danger of these to those who wear them more than a short time during the day, along with all the other precautions like using only an N95 or higher mask and then for only an hour or two a day.

Actually telling a stranger how to wear a muzzle is rather impertinent and tells him everything about you. There is a solution to your fears, however and it involves hiding in a closet for 23 hours of the day and only emerging for the hour between 11pm and midnight---and then only if you do not turn on the lights as those dastardly microbes will see where you are and, well you know the rest.

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