I made an online purchase of $12 to be picked up in store. At checkout I went to paypal and when sent back to your site it was being shipped to me FOR OVER $10

I tried calling customer service and even a supervisor.

I literally had just placed my order. lt was pending. They said there was nothing they could do. It was less than 10 minutes.

They said I could send the order back when I got it at my house but I would still pay shipping.....what????

I buy 2 cases of mellow yellow every two weeks from this ace and u

You cant stop an order for me or ship to store.

I am a university professor and teach business. I love to show my classes when companies have excellent customer service.

And those who don't. This case will definitely be discussed in ALL of my classes.


User's recommendation: Don't order online. I love our store manager though.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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