I had just bought about $30.00 in merchandise and the cart's wheel wouldn't move, so the clerk changed my cart and was helping me out to my car- I have a broken neck and back and wear two braces. She opened the door and I pushed the cart through when suddenly the cart part under the baby seat sprung out and hit me in my leg above my knee, and I was hurt.

I was in do much pain that after she put my bags in my car she told me she was sending the manager out to talk to me.

Another employee was just arriving for work and I asked her to the manager to come out - no one came out, so I went back inside, and she was ringing up her customer - Mind you I waited over 5 minutes for the customer before me to get checked out and then the clerk finally called someone to help and it was the manager - I should have been next.

I asked the manager's name but she refused to give it to me and so did the clerk. I had to demand from the manager - whose name I still do not know as she refused to give it to me. She took my name and phone number to have someone call me, but I have never heard from anyone. She id give me the store number as 1804 and the phone number of 800-321-**** or 800-321-**** (neither number belong to Dollar Tree)

The clerk refused to give me her name too - I asked another customer, and she told me her name is Sarah.

I tried to take her picture and she held a box over her entire body and so did the manager.

I was not staying they were at fault, but I wanted to file a complaint for an injury. The new employee wouldn't give me her name either, but I did get her picture - the Manager went into the office and locked the door.

She did tell me she is NOT the store manager but acting manager for that day.

What can I do? I have a huge bruise from the cart and it was quite painful for several hours.

User's recommendation: have your employees wear name tags and readily give their first name.

Preferred solution: An apology and a gift card of at least $100.00.

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You just want something for nothing. I hate people like you.


You demanded someone to do something and are accusing them of bring rude. What a hypocrite.

You had no right asking other people for Sarah's name. You have no right taking her picture. Someone should have grabbed your phone from you and smashed it against the ground. Or better yet, since you cannot respect people's privacy, mommy should take your phone from you.

If they are not at fault why complain? You sound like a nutcase, no wonder the manager did not want to deal with you. She should have told you to leave and called the police on you if you did not. The employees were not required to give you their names..

You are not entitled to a $100 gift card.

If you you cannot afford to buy things then don't. The only thing you need is mommy to take away your phone, after giving you a spanking for your behavior and making you apologize to everyone you were rude to.

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