Your store clearly displays your hours of operation. If you all are going to start closing 15 minutes before the time that is listed then you all need to change your hours of operation because this makes the customers experience very bad when your store employees are marching throughout each isle 15 mins before you close and harassing customers to hurry up because you all are closing, when really by the hours of operation that are listed for this store clearly say otherwise.

This type of experience is negative for the customer regardless of the establishment. Im spending my hard earned money with YOUR company vs another competitor.

Im supporting this company and am a paying customer, Im sure your corporate office wouldnt be happy to know that you all are harassing customers to leave and are shutting down early because now your loosing out on sales. Extremely unsatisfied &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; your employees at this location need another training on customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Customer Care.

Location: 7723 Guilbeau Road, San Antonio, TX 78250

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