Hello I was in ur store yesterday in mechanicsville va and I been going to that store for many years. Ive also been going to there ever since this stupid mask MANDATE has been in affect .

Mind u I said MANDATE not law . I was told yesterday in front of the hole store by a portly girl I had to wear a mask . I proceed to tell her I dont wear a mask and she threatened the Hanover police dept on me if I came back in the store store without a mask she would call them on me . She also told me that it is my last time in that store unless I put on a mask .

We proceed to argue in front of the customers and the customers proceed to yell back at me about not wearing a mask . So are you all not allowing people with medical conditions in the store anymore ? Are you discriminating against me ? I dont half to give anyone an excuse to why I dont wear a mask .

I dont half to tell anyone anything. This is still a free county and Im not going to tell people why I dont wear a mask its no ones business . Im not shopping on line I should be able to shop in store like everyone else .

This is all so ridiculous when I got to write a complaint about going into a store to spend MY money In the USA . So you need to inform the portly girl some people have medical issues and not to harass people about NOT wearing a MASK .

Thank you ..

Location: Quinton, Virginia

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You’re lying about your supposed medical condition. Clearly you can yell at innocent employees.

They have a job to do and that is to tell everyone to wear a mask. It’s their private property and they have every right to demand that you wear a mask. Just because you can’t see the damage you can do doesn’t mean that you’re not infecting everyone around you. Maybe you just haven’t caught covid yet, I don’t know.

I know that covid is no laughing matter surviving it myself. Wear a mask like everyone else loser. You’re not brave, you’re not a rebel, nor are you any kind of freedom fighter. The ADA does not support you.

It clearly states that your medical condition is secondary to public health and wearing a mask is a public health issue. You spend more effort fighting wearing a mask then just putting the mask on and completing your shopping quickly. You are not asked to wear a mask for eight plus hours. Just long enough to get your stuff and get out.

Once you’re outside you can remove the mask. You can’t win this fight because it’s not a fight you can win.

It’s everywhere. Until they lift the emergency powers and lock downs masks will be a part of life.


By even entering their store you are agreeing to legally abide by their rules and policies, so if you refuse said rules then they have very legal right to call the police.


You are an utter ads. They will thank you for not returning.

You are dead wrong.

They CAN require you to wear a mask. Do they require you to wear pants?

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