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We will be organizing a manager and employee walk out day due to not enough labor hours to run the business

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I'm glad to see that someone is taking action. I'm quite curious as to the effect.

Please update us as to what happened.

BTW, Anonymous is right, they might fire you. At least you'll know you had the courage to stand up for yourself. But I can tell you from experience of having been fed up with working on a skeleton crew, more than likely they aren't going to.

They will not be able to replace you quick enough, it takes money to hire and train new people and certainly no big wigs are going to come down, clean, stock and cashier. If you're planing to do it again in the future I would even suggest calling several local and major news outlets prior. Mention to them the date you will walkout, your grievances and the fact that you think they might stoop to firing you...

and see how quick Dollar Tree snaps to attention.

Before I started my own business I was in the same boat and I tell you there's nothing like the threat of negative publicity to wake a sleeping company up and make them pull their behinds out of their backsides!


You do that , and you'll see what no hours does to you because they will fire you,at least I would if you worked for me and did that. You have no idea what it takes to run a business,sometimes there is very little labor hours that's just how it goes but just be grateful you have a job *** hat

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