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The manager @ store #1911 is rude was extremely rude. Have gave $15 one dollar bills as my return change and when i asked him if i could have a $5 dollar bill his comment to me was, it all spends the same, go to the amscot next door if you want another form of change.

I asked him for his name and he said Mike. He would not provide a last name when asked.

I have never been treated in this manner as a consumer. I will no longer shop @ this Dollar Store until this manager is no longer there.

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Clearwater, Florida, United States #1227815

Why do you think someone should tell your their last name!? Bc you have a bogus complaint!

To me, you sound entitled and self righteous!

Please get a life and move on! Ppl like yourself make it so hard to work with the public!

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1227833

The OP is a child trapped in an adult's body. Think they are entitled to more than they are actually entitled to, and throw a temper tantrum when things don not go their way.


I too would have declined to give my last name. Many businesses prohibit their employees from giving out last names.

There are too many crazies in this world.


He is not required to give you his last name, and telling you no is not the same as being rude.


He would not have given you the 1's unless that was all he had. Trust me, cashiers need those one dollar bills to make change, especially at a dollar store.

He should have told you that instead of the response he made. Were you rude first?


he probably gave you all $1's because he was out of $5's i have this happen quite alot at my job. some people complain but it's like he said it all spends the same in the end.

how about a reverse version of this situation like what happened to me one day.

ring a customer up for a number of items totaling almost $80 and he whips out all $1 bills. i didn't say anything because it's all LEGAL tender.

i count it up and put it away in the drawer and send him on his way.

the customer behind him complained "why would someone pay with all $1's?"

why would you mind? it's THEIR money they can pay how THEY want.

to Anonymous #1154815

Dollar tree collects Dollars, He would have to hold up the line to go to the office to get you a 5, which he probably didn't have many anyway.It's hard for that store to accommodate a bill larger than a 10. If someone wants cash back on their purchase, they pretty much wipe out their drawer.

People think that store is a regular store and it's not. Average purchase is 8.00 per customer, on a good day.

So if only 20 customers come in an hr , and two wants $50 cash back, you do the math. I would have been a little taken aback by his answer though, A" no, im sorry" would have been better.

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