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Decorating Homes for Seniors & Needy is something that I have done complimentary, for years. Whatever I purchased & didn't need I returned to the store with the receipt.

I was returning about $75 worth of unused/ undamaged, price still on it with receipt. I have purchased $1,000 of dollars worth as well that were used. So, when I brought them Christmas Items back to the store before Christmas was out of Respect for others, given them the ability to purchase such decor while it was a Hot Item & not waiting until after Christmas to return the items when there was No Need to Purchase such holiday decor at a More Convenient Time for me, a busy consumer& caring individuals. Instead of the expected peaceful return/ I paid CASH, credited back to me to allow me to purchase $75 worth of products as the need arose in future days, I was told No.

U will have to select $75 worth of other items to exchange at this very moment, 9pm.not tomorrow! Not next week! Right Now. As I limped back to the door, since having vein surgery earlier that day & after attending a funeral that day, I was Beyond Shock that I was treated so disrespectfully.

I left the 2 bags full of the $75 worth of items with the receipt after the Mgr. Said She would keep it in the office until I contacted your Customer Service. I called 5 times/ on hold for over 30 minutes each time so I read your Customer Reviews. I was Shocked in Disbelief at the horrible comments of consumers history with dealing with Dollar Tree.

Obviously, U and management are Not Concerned or Care, even a little bit, by customers that have had unmet needs & concerns over your Dictatorship & poor opinion of anyone but yourselves and the"Almighty One Dollar!" A Good tree produces Good Fruit!" I compare yours with a Cactus Plant in a drought, unnorished Desert! Shame on U & a Your Stinking Thinking. U disgrace yourselves with your self-centered attitude. U will Reap what U Sow.

What a pathetic human resource dept. & Customer service that U are a party of.U have No Heart. All anyone has in life is their Good Name.

Yours is Mud! U can't serve 2 masters.Every dog has their day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Wait, did this happen again? Because I've read this exact same review before from a different date. You're ruining your credibility.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1265079

You sound as if you forgot to take your meds today. Best take them asap.

to h.kitchener Dallas, Texas, United States #1279555

I personally, NEVER have mentioned my episode @ Dollar Tree before . I am more than creditable, Ms.

Anonymous.and if U can't come up with a note response Better than This..

then, why bother??? Are U that bored?

to h.kitchener #1575418

I agree with you. many of the customers at Dollar Tree are people on fixed incomes who receive SSI disability checks or "nut-checks" for having a mental illness disability.

They are so poor that every single dollar counts, so they often do shop at Dollar Tree.

Just because someone on a nut-check gets pissed off at the *** way that Dollar Tree is treating them, doesn't mean that they are off their meds. Anyone would be outraged to be treated in such a disrespectful way while shopping at the Dollar Tree.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1265023

The minute you put in something about "vein surgery" and a funeral I lose interest. Those two things have nothing to do with the complaint and are a bid for sympathy. BS.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1265217

To h. Kitchener/ I could care less what You may think.

What a *** remark. Get a Life!

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