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BUSINESS NAME: DOLLAR TREE DOLLAR TREE STORE #- (3454) 2440 Shattuck Ave Berkeley CA, 94704 (510) 845 - 5731 Last altercation inside business: Thurs. 12/21/17 3:00pm Letter written from: Email: ninedocuments99@gmail.com Customer: Miss A.

Gonsalves Dollar tree store number 3454 these are violent complaints on assistant manager Alvin and cashier lady Latrice cashier lady Latrice has thrown my groceries at me twice she has also called me a half breed b***h twice she has also thrown my receipt at me once and another time refuse to give me my receipt saying that half breed b*****s don't deserve service she has refused to check me out in line about 6 different times of me standing in line for a good 30 minutes each time I stood in line to get checked out by her only to find out when it was time for me to get checked out she would then make me move to the other line and this was when I had already been standing in line for 30 minutes each time this happened to me about 6 times after standing in line for 30 minutes assistant manager Alvin has also refused to check me out in his line twice one time I went to assistant managers Alvin line to get checked out because there was no one there so I put my stuff down on the layaway ready to get checked out at this moment cashier lady Latrice is standing next to him he says to her is that the snitch b***h who snitched on you about moving this girl to another line she says yes that is when assistant manager Alvin told me to move to someone else's line away from him as soon as I move to the other line that is when they called for other people and said we'll take the next customers in line here right after they told me to move to the other line and they both laughed at me forcing me to move again. there was another time the last time I was refused to get checked out by assistant manager Alvin was the last time I came into the store this was the last time cashier lady Latrice left her cashier registry when it was time for her to check me out the last time that she had announced that she wasn't going to check me out hence the last time I came into the store (I had already been standing in HER line for 30 minutes.) assistant manager Alvin he then came up next to Cashier-lady Latrice and asked me to move and I said she has done this to me 5 or 6 times and I have already been standing in line for 30 minutes he said it does not matter I'm the manager you do what we say he said if you do not move I will physically put my hands on you and rough you up myself this is also when I had already been standing in line for 30 minutes and he refused to check me out also even as a manager knowing that she had just refused to check me out as well and I had already been standing in line for 30 minutes long and was forced to move into another cashier’s line to wait another 30 minutes again to get checked out by another cashier, again. He and she, both, forced me to stand in line twice, all over again. Also once there was a homeless veteran that was standing in cashier Latrice’s line he was about 2 to 3 persons from getting checked out cashier lady Latrice told him that he had to move that is when assistant manager Alvin came up behind her and told the homeless veteran you need to move man after the Homeless Veteran moved they both laughed at him.

They both have also tagged teamed on other people calling them “beaners”, “bean eaters”, and “ching ching Chong” to Chinese people I have made about 50 complaints via the dollar tree website and also as well as via the Dollar tree complaint telephone line and I have yet to receive any response from the district manager of the store I have already discussed all these main issues with the main manager of the store I have yet to receive any type of corporate response from the corporate office of Dollar Tree or the district manager even though he's received my 50 complaints of his district store I have yet to receive any response from him (the district manager) or any response from the main manager of the store I've already talked to two managers of the store with all the complaints reports and accusations. I've spoken to Jerice(another manager)and Alvin twice about it who both informed me they were the “main” manager of the store. also when I told assistant manager Alvin that I was going to take this up to corporate he told me that I will just call the police on you if you decide to call on me and tell corporate about anything about me. since then, I have yet to return to the store, since the threats of his physical violence he vocalized to use on me.

assistant manager Alvin also lied to me and told me he was the main manager of the store Jerice another manager of the store also lied to me and told me that she and 'Sherry' were the main manager of the store and that she was going to talk about all these issues with another manager of the store name sherry, but things have always escalated and gotten more worse than before each and every time I’ve spoken to “the manager”. I'm finding out that all of these managers, are not even the real main manager something really secretive is getting swept under the rug here and I'm wondering where the main manager is really hiding. I had to go into another dollar tree store about 2 and a half miles away to find out that the main manager there actually does exist somewhere and her name is Justine and she or somebody is doing a really good job with all her assistant managers hiding her and she or somebody truly makes sure that they do not bring up her name up at all or others have a hard time getting even access to her at all...or maybe it's the assistant managers here intentionally not bringing her up to hide the real true actual manager really there to cover up all their behinds, to cover up their tracks, and their traces. This way that things are being run underground, when there is no accountability and nothing is being accessed, no one needs to be held responsible for anything, there needs to be someone in this store that can at least make some changes.

The actions of these managers are extremely dysfunctional in this store. And cashier Lady Latrice and assistant Manager Alvin it seems that they are continually allowed to be extremely violent, use extremely violent behaviour, discriminatory, bias, racist, prejudice, colorist, vulgarity curse words towards other nationality or of-disability-related customers, such as homeless world war veterans (especially most of things coming mostly from Cashier lady Latrice). She seems protected from the management of the store from repercussions or penalties being assessed directly correlating to her employment there. I am inquiring that these two employees (Assistant manager Alvin and Cashier lady Latrice) be scrutinized, investigated, surveillanced, and inspected under the close eyes and supervision under the lawful and gainful right of employment.

And their employment be re-assessed, especially that of the lower level workers here, whose only job is to check out the customers through the check out at checkstand (Aka: Cashier-lady Latrice) Who has been refusing service to me for the past few months, until I have been too threatened and too intimated to go into that store anymore from threats violence and intimidation from Assistant manager alvin and cashier lady Latrice. I would like to seek to gain justice for me and all the other (no telling?) people they have discriminated against I want people to be able to feel free and worry free and not fear and no fear to come into their neighborhood store and get their groceries and products in their neighborhood store and not be and not worried about being bullied and harrassed and discriminated against and fear physical violence and physical threats and physical harassment violence and intimidation. Can there please be some changes made in this store so that I can be able to access my neighborhood store and do business in it?

I am now doing business at the Everything 99 only store which is 2 and a half miles longer by walk down the road, when I used to tend to this local dollar tree everyday. There's no telling how many others feel this way that no longer go inside that store anymore, being forced to leaving and taken away business from their business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Manager.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Employees, Management, Super-vision, Violence, Assaults.

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Dollar Tree could care less about you or any customer. I would rather pay $3.00 elsewhere then give Dollar Tree a Penny.

I think I will get about 10 $20.00 bills and go inside and give to customers in line to leave their items on the conveyer belt and buy somewhere else. $200 well spent for me


Too long to read or Evan act like I care about you because I don’t {{Redacted}}

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