I like to go to Dollar Tree about once a month. I pick up things for little gifts for my grandchild when they come to visit, and browse the books they get in. Usually I have no problems. Occasionally the check out takes forever, but I understand having worked retail most of my life that those things are sometimes unavoidable.

What I was unprepared for was seeing the Manager and one of his employees flirting rather sexually in the aisles and then at the register while I was checking out. Now I am no prude... if they want to flirt and carry on it truly is none of my concern when they are off the clock. However when I am standing in a line of 10 people and they are playing "grab butt" behind the counter and the cashier can't even function because of it... there is a serious problem.

I contacted their main office and explained the incident. They said they would call me back with a resolution (not sure what they think would resolve it... it is more affecting them then me). Having heard nothing I am placing this here to see if it gets their attention. I doubt it... but figured I would at least try.

I worked in a place where the manager was having an affair with one of his employees.. and know how that affects the store, and other workers (not being treated fairly). Hope this helps.

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Here's the scoop. Alot of employees ARE disgruntled, most of them, especially managers hate their job because of the way they are treated by the co. Alot of them don't know if they should leave or stay. big turn over though.

they are given more tasks to complete than humanly possible.

They are never complimented or given thanks by upper mngt/corp.

because of lack of labor hours (so greedily dispersed to stores) employees are made to work on their breaks and lunches (lunches aren't paid) which makes them hungry, tired and ILL.

The list goes on.

Some of them are yes, just plain rude and unprofessional.

It is sad what corporate does to it's employees and customers. they just do not care.


the stores are pretty small, you can find things on your own. What do you do when you go into a big store?!


I find unprofessional behavior alot at our local Dollar Tree Stores. A bunch of angry, bitter, resentfull people if you ask me. First they seem bothered if you ask if they carry something or what aisle it would be in. I'm not expecting full service but at least give me an I don't know or check aisle what ever. They are very combative and get all defensive at the most inane remarks even those not aimed at them.

I used to the term 'you' to represent the company Dollar Tree Stores and I almost got my head cut off. I said do you carry this you used to carry it. Oh man you thought I was trying to rob them or insulted their family.

I've also heard managers openly complaining about conditions and the stuff being sent to the stores. Again very angry resentfull let alone ignorant people. They just hate their jobs at Dollar Tree Stores.

And just as with the inappropiate sexual behavior I frequently see family and friends chit chatting away with plenty of work to be done in the store.

The problem with many Dollar Tree Stores is that seem have had zero customer service training which is simple-it's your job to be nice to the customer, you are paid to be nice and courteous. You are paid to act professional. You are dealing with the public. You are dealing with the public that is buying stuff off of the company. The customer is your meal ticket etc.

I know it's only the dollar store and employees aren't going to make it rich but that doesn't mean the customer or employee experience should be a female dog.


Having had some experience with this, I expect you may never hear from Dollar Tree. What they will do is anybody's guess, but I would take a look in a couple of months and see if these two characters are still employed there.

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