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This is what I sent to their customer service support & left word to call on their toll free #:

We have been short-changed by Dollar Tree #2468 with sales associate Heather. Our bill was $26.30, we paid $16.30 w/food stamps and then asked if they could break a $50 for the remaining $10.00 and she said yes.

After we finished the transaction and walked maybe 2steps from the register to find Heather had only given us 2 $5 and 1 $10 total $20 vs. correct change of $40.00 The manager said the till was correct and he would have to call his manager-so no resolution until he makes the call. Heather said she counted it back to me correctly, but I have poor eye sight and she counted it back to fast for me to see. That is why we doubled checked b4 we left the store.

Also, they did not physically count the till just put it on a machine. They should have not only used the machine but also hand counted which was not done. I need this issue resolved ASAP.

That $20 short was needed for gas to go to Portland for my disability hearing & now we are going to barely make it thanks to being short changed. Please correct this error ASAP.

Review about: Dollar Tree Stores Manager.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Scotch tape or a staple on a bill throws off the machines. I have even see a fly land on the machine and count as a $20!!!


The counter is correct on counting money but! The cashier should have used common math and known to give you back $40, not $20!

this was easy math...smh, I am sorry to hear this and I hope it was resolved.

with her obvious bad math skills her drawer was probably already missing $20, so when she cheated you $ even itself out resulting in the machine saying it was correct. :sigh


You weren't short changed. Those machines can count better than you or heather could. If it says the till is right its right.


The "till" doesn't take into consideration what Heather stuffed in her pocket.

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