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I am a frequent shopper at Dollar Tree. Today I took my 7 yr old granddaughter with me to the one on Palm Beach Blvd.

Fort Myers, Fla. 33905. She needed to go to the bathroom. We told one of the clerks when we came out there was no soap in there to wash your hands.

She said "this is only my fifth day". I said "Well, even if it is, surely you realize you need soap to wash your hands "(common sense). I said "can't you get some off the shelf and put it in there"? She says "that would be stealing".

I felt like I was on Candid Camera! So another clerk comes up, and I ask her "can you put some soap in the bathroom". She says "The public is not supposed to go in there". So I say "Well, surely you and your co-workers use that bathroom and need to wash your hands".

She then replies "I don't use the bathroom". This is ridiculous, and I just walked out shaking my head at this ignorant reply. The commode needed flushed when we walked in and the floor was dirty. Please have someone contact the management at this store and see why in the world they don't have any kind of soap whatever in there.

It truly was appalling. Today is 6/29/17. Another thing, I was so angry at them at this point that I took it out on my granddaughter unfortunately. I slapped her across the face hard because she did not inform me she had to use the washroom until the last minute.

I told her I was angry at her and I did not want to spend any more time with her. This was a shame because we were supposed to have dinner later on and we were going to have home made pizza. I sent her home and she was crying.

She told her parents what happened defying me after I told her not to. Now I am forbidden to see my granddaughter unless one of them are there supervising.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had something similar happen to me before. I asked if they could put some soad in there and this woman rudely and loudly replied "YOU BRING YOUR OWN SOAP!" and I'm like, "What Am I suppossed to do, carry around some soap with me everywhere I go in case I have got to go to the bathroom at the Dollar Tree. To be honest with you, I would rather go use the bathroom underneath a real tree than use the bathroom at the Dollar Tree.


this is a fake story. ha ha.


I am sitting here wondering if that last part is actually real. If so, shame on you!

Not only are you a child abuser, but you're a less than smart child abuser. Who but an idiot would even admit to smacking a small innocent child to the public. Then on top of that you have the gall blame the child for telling her parents. Lord knows Dollar Tree isn't that great, they've gone downhill so much, but you can't blame them either.

If it weren't the Dollar Tree situation, it would have been something else that set you off.

With people like you it's always someone else's fault. I would suggest some anger management for you madam.


Real great grandparent! Taking your anger out on an innocent child.

You do not need to see your grandchildren if you're going to act like that. Now I wonder how you raised your children.


you have no business seeing your grandchildren alone if you take it out on them when you get that upset over such a small thing...btw retail stores(not restaurants) are not required to provide restrooms!!!!its a courtesy like a lot of banks have free coffee in the mornings, etc

Nye County, Nevada, United States #1345525

Grow up, you lost control, and took your anger out on your grandchild for no reason. If I were your child and in law I would make a complaint with the police and have you charged with assault and cruelty to a child.

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