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Recent shopping experience. I go to the Dollar Tree for just a few things.

I get in line, it is busy and the cashier calls for help. Enter a young gal with a I really dont want to do this look. Maybe her break was interrupted, which happens but you still do your best to put on a smile and do your job. She barely makes eye contact with me and proceeds to stuff my breakables ( coffee mugs, glasses, etc) in a bag, not wrapping them but double bagging in flimsy plastic bags.

Before I can safe anything the woman behind me says Arent you going to wrap those for her? She says she might be able to find something. She puts a piece of cardboard in the bag with them still banging together. Again the woman speaks up before I can and says Do you have an empty box forthose things as they are going to break packed like that?

She grudgingly put a box on the counter and turned her back to me and waited on the woman behind me, I was summarily dismissed so I took the things out of the bags and packed them in the box with the cardboard dividers. No matter if you are a cheap store or top end . Customer service is still required. I wont be going back to that Dollar Tree again, too bad because it is a new and very clean store conveniently located near me off Johnson Avenue.

Sad Bottom line, if you are nit willing to do you job to the fullest do the management and customers a favor, quit.

When you took the job you knew the pay and had a general idea of the duties. No job is perfect but if you have a positive attitude that is half the battle.

User's recommendation: Speak up on the spot as managers cannot do anything about a situation if they are unaware of it. I would have done that had I not had an appointment that day.

Preferred solution: I am not looking to get anything just want the store to do their job and don’t hire just for a warm body. I know times are hard now but customer service is a biggy with me ( I have held supervisory jobs and I am a retired nurse so I have people skills).

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