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Today I stood in line at the dollar tree on River Road in St. George Utah.

The store was not only disgusting and stuff was all over the floor such as toys and spills, The staff was absolutely unapproachable. Once I gathered the items I intended to buy, an EMPLOYEE Of yours had the audacity to tell me to keep my kid quiet because she had a headache. My son is an infant, infants cry. How embarrassing to have her tell me that in front of a long line of people.

Clearly as a mother I was trying my best to keep him calm and collective, but babies are babies. You dont go out of your way to tell somebody to quiet their baby. Everyone in line felt really bad for me so bad that a lady in front of me offered to pay for my items. Thats also embarrassing considering I was trying my best.

It was kind of the strangers who were paying for me. This incident will not go unnoticed. There were two employees that I could see, Kim who was checking me out and the other employee who was so rude to tell me to calm my baby.

I wish I had gotten her name. I will never be shopping there again because of that individual employee of yours.

User's recommendation: Don’t ever tell somebody how to mother their children. Clean up the messes, put caution cones for wet floor so nobody slips and there is a lawsuit. Sick better employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Dollar Tree Stores Pros: Always one dollar, Good selection, I am a loyal customer and good prices, All the selection in different categories.

Dollar Tree Stores Cons: Customer service is horrible, Anything about the store conditions, Rude employees, Appearance of the store, Sanitation.

Location: 341 South River Road, Saint George, UT 84790

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Also why should some who is careless sue. Just watch where you are walking.


I am sure all the other customers that had to hear your crying babies are glad you won't be back. While babies are babies, the parent's job is to calm them down.

If they cannot they should leave the store.

Maybe if you knew how to parent someone would not need to give you lessons. You are rude for having everyone put up with your crying babies.

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