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Ive never had a bad experience at Dollar Tree, in all my years never. Today I went in for some Halloween decor work.

Fast forward to a bathroom run and open the door to find a man inside. I say oh sorry, then wait this is the womens and the mens is next door, he stays inside the bathroom and so I let it close again, he remains in there. My stomach is lurching and I say can you go to the mens I have to use it and youre in the womens bathroom. He just stares at me blankly.

He had a green work shirt on his shoulder so I did assume he was a DT employee who should have really known not to be *** that way etc but he comes out and holds door when Im trying to close him out and leave myself in. We have a stare off and I say can you please get out or what is it do I need to get a manager. He leaves and I lock it fast. Find him at the register when Im ready to check out my items.

I see him talking to a coworker. Normal yeah. Yeah normal. All of it.

Just normal. So shes back to check me out and now shes icky rude and throwing my things around. My ceramic skull that I thought maybe she would wrap as usually done gets thrown in the bag as well. Im still shaking from the bathroom incident, I should have left I know but again, stomach lurching.

So I say could you please wrap the skull. Shes grabs hand towel roll. I said yall dont use newspaper anymore and she waves her hands all around and says I guess not. So we go on and shes making these faces and acting like a petulant child and I plum just am done with all of it.

I ask for manager to which she says shes not here. I said okay well whats your name. She stares at me. I was losing my own restraint and I almost ask did you forget your name or do you not have a name and finally rushes her full name out to me and says please please report me.

Id love for you to do that. Okay! What. Even.

I cant with these people.

Needless to say Ill stay out of that store for we more and I hope that they get talked to and or written up or worse. Worst experience of my 41 years of being on planet Earth!

User's recommendation: Stay out of Dollar Tree at 711 Estes Dr suite 106 Longview TX.

Preferred solution: A confirmation that I’ve been heard because that behavior should not be allowed by anyone no matter their work status or lack there of. .

Dollar Tree Stores Pros: Merch.

Dollar Tree Stores Cons: These two workers with the cashier being named brook.

Location: 711 Estes Drive, Longview, Texas 75602, United States

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Do you really think that people who make $10/hr really care?


You are the one acting like a child. It would have been even more childish if you asked if she forgot her name. You are disgusting for wanting the "or worse"

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