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Went into the store number 4175 there was a line full of people one cashier another lady just opened up another register I looked down and there was a spill right at in front of the register it looked like shampoo or something had leaked I told the customer in front of me please be careful and then there's a spill and I asked the cashier for some paper towels I was going to clean it up for him well to cash your ignored me customer reached over the counter that was a box of tissue there she handed me some tissues she was going to clean it up and I told the custard the other customer I said hand it to me I said I'll get it up so I clean the spill up I was handing the tissue to the cashier to tell her to throw it into the trash she refused to take it from me she said there's a trash can by the door when I go out I told her I said I'm saving you from having a lawsuit for somebody falling right here in front of this register at least you could do is throw this in your trash can and she repeated again there's a trash can next to the door going out and that ticked me off the customer that was there with me ticked her off too and I told her I said you know it's pretty bad I said I'm trying to save you a lawsuit and you're not going to take his tissue and throw it in your trash can in the cashier absolutely refused her name was Sierra I have my receipt that isn't I'm a store manager myself and the cashier had a mask on and had gloves on there's nothing wrong with her taking that tissue for me and throwing it in the trash I saved y'all from getting a lawsuit from somebody hurting them self and as far as I'm concerned that girl disrespected me and if ever that happens again I'm just keeping my mouth shut and you just get your lawsuit somebody will see you or something being spilled and not do anything about it all that girl had to do was take the tissue for me where I wiped that spill up and throw it away but she would not even look at me so I I proceeded to check out with the tissue in my hand where I wiped you all spill up and the girl made me so mad I just left it sitting on the counter and she had to go as I was walking away you forgot this tissue to throw away now that's wrong now I want somebody to call me being a store manager myself if there is a spill and a customer is nice enough to clean that up for me and hand me the tissue I'm going to take it from that customer I'm going to throw that tissue away and I'm going to thank that customer for doing so because I did not have to do that that cashier did wrong and she needs to be addressed about it. it nobo anything

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Have a talk with her and teach them the correct way to handle something because to me that was disrespectful to me when I'm doing your favor someone could have fell they could have hurt themself bad and I saved you from getting a lawsuit ..

Location: 300 Pleasant Grove Road, Mount Juliet, TN 37122

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Absolutely no punctuations. Do not expect anyone to read this report. Embarrassing.

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