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Julias conduct was unbecoming of a professional. When I walked in the store Julia was waiting on a customer.

I walked behind her to go shopping and asked her was there an atm she rudely said hello twice and told me I didnt have manners because I didnt speak first. I shopped when I got to the register she was conversing with a customer so I laid the money down. She told me I had to put it in her hands and anyone with manners would know that. We exchanged words and I left.

I came back to tell the manager how rude she was and she started yelling that I was old and should have manners. The customer told me it wasnt worth it trying to quell the situation so I just left.

This young lady is an embarrassment for the dollar tree brand, is terrible at customer service and should not be in the front of anyones store. She has guaranteed that I will never go in that dollar tree again.

User's recommendation: Don’t go to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Fire her.

Dollar Tree Stores Pros: Manager was sweet and tried to help.

Location: 2270 South Kirkman Road, Orlando, FL 32811

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You walked into the store like they owe you something. They should have kicked you in the as s on the way out the store and ban you from their stores. Learn how to act in public.

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