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Stopped in at your store #5670 around 130 pm I was interested in your stackable bins but the only colors you had were red green and blue. Store manager greeted me and I asked him did they have more colors?

He stated yes we get them in different colors matter of fact we got a shipment in last night. I asked him if he could go and see what colors they were, and he stated that oh they back there but I couldn't even tell you where they are at and laughed. I grunted and said please that's a sale you're missing he laughed again and said just save your dollar for another day, I said umm 10 to 15 dollars but ok. His name is Louis, and I was told he was the store manager.

I almost put the rest of items back and walk out but proceeded to purchase anyway. He stood in another line and purchased his items and then went to his office. I left and went to leave in my vehicle and watched him leave as well. So did he not want to help me because it was his to.w to go?

Why couldn't he get someone else to help.

I will not patronize this location again! No customer service at all.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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