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i was recently at the rimrock store in grand junction co. it was about 330 pm.

there was only one cashier on duty and she had a pretty good line7-8 people/ i grabbed a hand basket and was shopping for about 10 minutes and came to get in line.. it was still pretty long 7-8 people s i walked to the front to ask her to call for help. she said the only other person was in the back. a lady up front spoke up and said she had placed an online order and the guy was in the back putting it together.

she said she thought she would just come in and they would have it together so all she would have to do is pick it up which makes sense and she apologized again for causing all the problems with the slow check out. wasnt her fault. so i went back to get in line and another customer who was in line when i first came in decided he had enough and left the store. i looked at the line and i didnt want to wait either so i left my basket on one of the unused checkstands and left.

i had about 20 dollars worth of merchandise i dont know what the other gentleman had. very poor customer service and not enough people to man the store.

very sad that store is off my list to visit anymore. i am a former c store manager and restaurant mgr i would have been fired if i ran my places as poorly as this one was run..

User's recommendation: dont visit this store poorly run.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar Tree Stores Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 2535 Rimrock Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81505

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So to get even, you left your junk for the employees to put away. This gives them even more work to do. What a jerk.


You poor thing, you had to wait. How will you go on with your life? Next time shop when you have more time.

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