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My visit to the dollar store was terrible. I entered the store to pick up a few items that I needed.

One of the aisles was half blocked off so I moved to boxes on a swivel dolly to the side, so I could get the items that I needed. Out of nowhere this employee shouted I was stocking that aisle that's why I blocked it out. I replied someone must did not want to come to work today. I told her usually when you are stalking the aisle you allow space so customers can come down there.

She said no I am stalking the entire aisle. she said if I had a problem with her I need to take it up with her manager. She blocked off the isle &;;;;;;;amp; starting cursing out loud. I was on the next isle over continuing to shop.

She had a attitude and was very unprofessional. More customers tried to come down the aisle & moved the display of boxes also. She got pissed off and went to the back feel cursing & swearing. I went to the front and asked for the manager.

The the same employee that I was speaking with before was at the front. She said I am the manager, so I asked to speak with her manager. She told me that her manager was off today. I asked when would her manager be in and she said tomorrow.

This lady really needs to appreciate even having a job in the pandemic.

There's no reason whatsoever you should speak to a customer in the manner that she did. I will call the store and follow up with the manager.

Location: 4430 Dfw Tpke, Dallas, TX 75211

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You talk about her being unprofessional. It was unprofessional of you to tell her she was not wanting in to work and your telling her how to do her job. But neither her or your mother taught you manners.


You don't work there so you have no right to tell her how to do her job

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