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    • Prices are all one dollar 3
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    • Customer service 7
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The assured brand tussin DM cough syrup I purchased from Plainfield Indiana at dollar tree store #739 manufactured by bio-pharm inc. is a defective tampered consumer product that was tested positive at the FDA forensic crime chemistry center in Cincinnati Ohio by forensic analysis,by way of two microscopic cuts or tears into the foil protective seal,I'm the consumer that's poisoned by this cough syrup,the FDA Chicago field office thwarted me... Read more

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I tried to shop in your store on mobile hwy in pensacola #948 and i tried to use coupons now keep in mind this my 2nd time trying to use my coupons the first time he rang up my items and did not put the info in the register so i looked at my receipt and noticed that i paid more than i was supposed to so i said sir can i please have my coupon back? Can you belive he put them in the drawer so that means he had to get give them back. By now he's... Read more

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The dollar tree store on steilacoom needs to be upgraded, the customer service is horrible, the employees need to be retrained, most of the stuff you find there are old and needs to be thrown out of the window.One of the employee diana she needs some serious help, i heard rumors about her suffering from tourette syndrome, you can just tell by how she stares at people when you walk in, and she normally ask you dumb questions which makes me think... Read more

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I am writing to complain about your East Windsor, NJ store. The past few months the store has been in utter disarray. A lot of the shelves are empty and boxes are everywhere and it is difficult to get through the isles. This was the case every time within the past few months on Saturday and Sunday no matter what time I entered the store. I have been to other Dollar Trees in NJ and the shelves were well stocked and there were boxes all over... Read more

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after putting 20+ items on a checkout counter,where no cashiers were present,two checkout lights were lit,no cashiers around,i put my items on belt,waited for 5 minutes,then a cashier went to other lit checkout avoided me,started helping other people that came after me,i said o the cashier wheres the person to help me,she said its closed,i said the light is on ,i want someone now,manager came over and accused me for turning light on,he said it... Read more

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The manager @ store #1911 is rude was extremely rude. Have gave $15 one dollar bills as my return change and when i asked him if i could have a $5 dollar bill his comment to me was, it all spends the same, go to the amscot next door if you want another form of change. I asked him for his name and he said Mike. He would not provide a last name when asked. I have never been treated in this manner as a consumer. I will no longer shop @ this Dollar... Read more

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Dollar tree in mill hall, pa filthy *** all over the store all the time. Long lines employees never say hello to you. Trashy manager she needs to go always in the office and never on the floor directing the show! Add comment

Dollar tree needs more cashier and stop saying to cut hours and some customers are the worst its not the employee business they have to do what is told Add comment

Torrington, CT. store is terrible. This was a fantastic and hopping store just last year. Always clean, nice people who were helpful.'s trash. A mess every time I walk in, truck boxes and U boats everywhere, merchandise all over, empty places all over, nothings ever in stock, most of the workers are unfriendly, and a certain manager is always on her cellphone, talking with friends who stopped by, and yelling about "how a Puerto Rican... Read more

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Dollar tree in uptown shopping plaza in Harrisburg, PA is disgusting!! Filthy floors, merchandise thrown on the floor down every aisle.empty shelves. nasty management and employees. They say the district manager gives the manager no direction and sits in the office when visiting which isn't much. What a shame!! Add comment

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