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    • Most of their products are good 2
    • Price 2
    • Prices are all one dollar 2
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    • Customer service 6
    • Rude manager 5
    • Rude cashiers 2

The manager @ store #1911 is rude was extremely rude. Have gave $15 one dollar bills as my return change and when i asked him if i could have a $5 dollar bill his comment to me was, it all spends the same, go to the amscot next door if you want another form of change. I asked him for his name and he said Mike. He would not provide a last name when asked. I have never been treated in this manner as a consumer. I will no longer shop @ this Dollar Store until this manager is no longer there. Read more

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Dollar tree in mill hall, pa filthy *** all over the store all the time. Long lines employees never say hello to you. Trashy manager she needs to go always in the office and never on the floor directing the show! Add comment

Dollar tree needs more cashier and stop saying to cut hours and some customers are the worst its not the employee business they have to do what is told Add comment

Torrington, CT. store is terrible. This was a fantastic and hopping store just last year. Always clean, nice people who were helpful.'s trash. A mess every time I walk in, truck boxes and U boats everywhere, merchandise all over, empty places all over, nothings ever in stock, most of the workers are unfriendly, and a certain manager is always on her cellphone, talking with friends who stopped by, and yelling about "how a Puerto Rican does things" or that you know "a Puerto Rican must have done that, 'cuz it's actually done," when... Read more

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Dollar tree in uptown shopping plaza in Harrisburg, PA is disgusting!! Filthy floors, merchandise thrown on the floor down every aisle.empty shelves. nasty management and employees. They say the district manager gives the manager no direction and sits in the office when visiting which isn't much. What a shame!! Add comment

Your Mill Hall, PA store is disgusting for a fairly new store. Merchandise thrown on the floor down every aisle, shelves empty, employees that are rude and nasty. Where is management?? Don't they see this? More importantly where is the district manager and regional managers??? It's a shame. The store is boring, no music playing, no employee interaction, it's like shopping in a morgue! Add comment

Your Mill Hall, PA store is totally disgusting. Merchandise on the floor down every aisle, floors are filthy. Shelves are empty. Employees are rude and nasty. I can see disarray at holiday times, but this store is like that all the time!! Where's management?? And more importantly where is the district manager and Regionals. What a shame for a fairly new store. Stop opening stores until you can keep the ones you have on the right track!! Read more

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I love Dollar Tree and appreciate the savings I get from shopping there. However, this particular Dollar Tree has some very rude employees. I think this is because the manager has such a bad attitude. He implied to several customers that the reason there are no shopping carts is because the people in the neighborhood are thieves and steal them, along with anything else they can. Since I live in the neighborhood, I was offended. I don't think I will go back to that store. He also said he didn't care because he doesn't own the store, Dollar... Read more

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for years we had Colin, the nicest man and then he left for a better job and in came miss dimwit who had the store in chaos and was never there due to an illness and the store was in shambles. In came the most wonderful young man who has worked so hard to clean it up and unpack the impossible shipments, but still lacks the needed items.HIs name is richard woodrow, and he needs more help , to be authorized to unpack the delayed shipments.He is wonderful . Prior I contacted the district mgr, now gone, who was useless. Contacted the corp... Read more

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Went to shop at dollartree in florence by the mall. The manager there was so disrespectful to her cashier the young lady had tears in her eyes.i started to go off on her myself for the cashier. She has a nasty mouth. There were lots of people shopping for easter i thought she no better as old as she look with her big mouth. Add comment

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