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    • That they are only two miles from my house 1
    • Variety of products that they sell 1
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    • Customer service 6
    • Rude manager 4
    • Manager 2

Yes I'm a customer at Dollar Tree in Florence South Carolina store number 06665 on Irby Street and everytime I go there in the morning time the store is always open in late after 9 o'clock and I noticed it to manage you're working is the Shonda something really needs to be done about this issue. Add comment

Yes every time I going to Dollar Tree in Florence South Carolina store number 06665 on Irby Street the cashier is always has a long line in the manager Dante is always sitting in the office in will not come out and help I think this is an issue that need to be addressed. Add comment

The Dollar Tree in Midlothian Il is the most filthiest stores I've ever been in! Inside and outside. There is always Garbage laying all over outside its disgusting and an eyesore! Im embarrassed to say this store is in the town I live in. Something needs to be done about this Add comment

Dollar Tree Stores - Tampered poisoned cough syrup
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I'm the consumer that purchased your dollar tree/greenbrier product,I'm contacting you because it has caused me great suffering and the loss of my health by damaging my organs and causing my terminal multiple myeloma-plasma bone marrow cancer,and altered my chromosomes,metabolic immune system and poisoned my blood,this assured tussin DM should've been recalled immediately after it was tested... Read more

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Dollar Tree on 1st Avenue and 101 street in nyc is the most ghetto store I've been too. Their employees are extremely ghetto and not helpful at all. They don't help the elderly, the disabled who tried to reach for things and once they drop something on the floor they get yelled at! I was so disgusted entering this store and having to see this. The managers are just as lazy and have no idea how... Read more

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I recently went to the dollar tree in Altoona and got a large quantity of glass mugs and asked an older woman for a box( she had empty boxes with her on her cart) she told me that she had no boxes. After checking out they did not wrap my glass ware or put them in bags so I had to put them in my car loose. They were very rude and my order that could have been over $50 was less due to the terrible... Read more

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Hillsboro Texas Dollar Tree is the absolute worst! I'm a local and have been to this Dollar Tree often and all I ever see is BOXES EVERYWHERE! It's rediculous. The manager is always standing around gossiping. I never see THE MANAGER working. There's usually just one cashier doing any work (if then...). It's pitiful that our town finally gets a Dollar Tree and it's such a mess! Add comment

Worst customer service ever I will never shop there again Add comment

After shopping for about 30 minutes and filling my basket with about 12 items, I walked towards the line. At that moment, I realized that I forgot one thing; I took about one minute to get the additional item. When I approached the line, where I had left my basket, my basket wasn't there. After walking around trying to locate it, I finally saw a young woman, who is the store manager, with my... Read more

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The assured brand tussin DM cough syrup dollar tree inc/greenbrier international product I purchased at Plainfield store #739 that FDA forensic chemistry crime center lab analyst in Cincinnati,Ohio found tampered by two microscopic cuts or tears into the foil protection seal and identified small dark amorphous particles 0.1 mm to 0.5mm in approximate measurement and fibrous particles 0.18 mm... Read more

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